CLAP Parent Workshop by Familias First 

Mission: Familias First is committed to providing evidenced-based, individualized services to persons with disabilities that

embraces multiculturalism and recognizes the integral role of the family in achieving treatment success.


Ruth Tello-Di Leva, MS, BCBA

Alba Novoa, MA, BCBA 

Victor Campos, BA, BCaBA

Maria Gonzalez, BA

Ruth Tello-Di Leva, MS, BCBA – Executive Director /CEO – 

Involved with any proposal modifications, budgetary decisions, and addressing funding sources inquiries

Alba Novoa, MA, BCBA - Clinical Director – 

Oversees Victor. In addition, Alba was part of the development and design of the previous DDS disparity grants.

Victor Campos, BA, BCaBA – Project Manager – 

In charge of the day-to-day operations, updating DDS-related materials, and overseeing the presentations.

Maria E. Gonzalez, BA - Family Care Specialist – 

Responsible for connecting with parents, providing updates, sending materials, and background operations.  

Familias First Is Hiring!

We are always looking for qualified individuals to join the team. Familias First invites you to apply to one of our many openings. We offer flexible schedules, benefits for employees working 25+ hrs., and competitive wages.  Passionate individuals seeking to positively change the lives of others through their work are welcome to join our team


Familias First, Where Families Come First. We are an established agency in Southern California specializing in the delivery of Behavioral Services to children with autism and other developmental delays.

Familias First provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) interventions to teach pivotal skills, such as social skills communication skills, adaptive behaviors, and self-help skills. A variety of settings are available to meet the individual's needs, including the individual's home, community, or school. Although every individual is different, and the outcome of the services will differ from one person to another, we strongly believe that the involvement of the individual's family is crucial to reaching their full potential. Our agency provides Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA), and develops and implements Behavior Intervention Plans based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles. Additionally, behavior consultation is available in a 1:1 group setting. Patient information about the services delivered by Familias First is available to authorized staff, patients, caregivers, and relevant stakeholders by written request.