HOW TO: Questionnaires

How to: Identify, Complete, and Submit Questionnaires. 

It is important to complete each questionnaire. As such, here you will find steps to help identity, complete and submit each questionnaire.


Step 1: Two links per session (Pre and Post Questionnaires).

The Pre-Questionnaire link is send via email the morning of the presentation. The Post Questionnaire link is emailed at the end of the session presentation. Email can be accesses via phone, tablet, & computer.

Note: Materials are sent to the email provided at the time of registration. Also check your email junk folder or spam folder, if you cannot find the email. Contact the CLAP team to request the link via text.

Step 2: Check your email for each link.

Check your email for the links by the CLAP team. The email title will say if it is a PRE (before session) or POST (after session) Questionnaire. I will also include the session number and date of that session. 

Example Title: "CLAP - Session 1: ==>>> PRE-Questionnaire <<<== February 7, 2023

Step 3: Click the "FILL OUT FORM" link.

In the he email find and click on the button that says "FILL OUT FORM" to go to the Questionnaire. 

Note: The email background color or button color may be change.

Complete & Submit:

Step 1: Confirm the correct Questionnaire.

Once ready to complete the questionnaire, quickly check you are complete right questionnaire.  

Note: On occasion parents mistakenly complete the same Pre-questionnaire when wanting to fill in the Post-questionnaire.

Step 2: Fill in your answers.

Take a moment to enter your details and answer the questions till the end of the form. Please feel free to ask for assistance.

Step 3: Submit the Form link.

Once done, click the button that says "Submit" to complete that Questionnaire. You are welcome to check receipt with the CLAP team.

Note: The button is at the very end of the form and available once all questions are answered.

Certificates Are Available

*Note: Certificates of Completion will be mailed out to participants at the conclusion of the next two workshop presentations.