How do I register for the next CLAP workshop?

Call or email the CLAP team directly using the contact information provided here.  Call: 323-528-6727 or Email:

Can I register online?

Yes. Parents can also use the online registration form to start the registration process. A call back will still be necessary to finalize the registrations.  

Are the workshops free and are they provided online?

Yes. The CLAP workshop is completely free to Parents and Professionals. All workshop sessions are exclusively provided via the Zoom-Online format.   

Are your workshops in English only?

Presentations are made live in English and Spanish on separate dates.

Are recordings available?

Although the team records the presentation, these are only intended for personal growth and are not available to the public. 

Are you part of the Regional Center?

Although we work close with Regional Center personnel, it is important that attendees understand that we do not work for any of the 21 Regional Center in California. 

Who are these workshops for?

The Workshops are intended to help parents with family members with special needs. the focus is on increasing leadership skills and access to services. Parents that are not yet members of the Regional Center and parents that are within the Regional Center are highly encouraged to register. Other family members and your support team are also encouraged.  

I heard that the workshop includes 4 sessions, What if I can't attend all the sessions?

The session topics are related, but it is not a requirement for someone to attend one session in order to attend another. Because of this, the parent/adult client will have the option to take a missed session in the next workshop, whenever possible. 

Do I have to participate when in the presentations?

Although participation and sharing experiences are encouraged, it is not a requirement. In fact, the only thing we ask from the participants is to complete the Pre and Post Questionnaire for each session. These help with attendance tracking and lets us know the success of the project.

I heard that the workshop includes 4 sessions, do you provide a certificate of completion?

For completing all 4 of the workshop sessions and all pre/post questionnaires, participants will receive a certificate of completion mailed to them directly 

I have a friend who can benefit from attending, do they have to register?

It would be best for them to register so they obtain the materials and Zoom link directly. They will get a much fuller experience.   

Do you have an outline of some of the content that you will cover within the workshop?

Yes. There are main topics outlines in the home page of this site.